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Happily Drowning

From performance poet and author of Bad Ass Raindrop Kokumo Rocks comes Happily Drowning, a vibrant and intense new collection of poems. Born out of a transformative near-death incident in Crete which dramatically altered her outlook on life, Kokumo’s latest volume leads us from the Scottish countryside to Nigeria, via the metropolitan high street and her own childhood experiences. Along the way she paints her world with colour and spirit.

Bad Ass Raindrop


Fadeke Kokumo Rocks' poetry is alive with love, passion, humour, wisdom and brutal honesty. It is sharply observed, potent and insightful capturing beautifully the sixth dimension of the creative eye. It has a rich diversity of time and content which embraces the globe and its conflicts, domestic and urban. You can hear the monsoon rains of Africa, taste the mangoes of India, touch the compassion and spirit of the child and feel the pain of burning flesh as race riots rage in Scotland. What would happen if a raindrop took acid? What are the identifying characteristics of a "gaggle" in their natural environment? And have you noticed that there are no black babies on "New Baby" cards?

Stolen From Afica


Kokumo's second collection of poetry explores love, race, nature, freedom and imprisonment, with fun and humour. Alternating between the luscious natural world and feelings of war and anger, Kokumo's poetry takes the reader from resolution to conflict, then back again. Taught in schools across Scotland, her work helps children attain an appreciation for poetry and Black History.

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